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At M&M Tax, we understand that preparing a tax return can be a confusing and overwhelming process. That’s why we offer a free second look at your tax return, even if it was prepared elsewhere. Our team of experienced tax experts will review your tax return to ensure that all available deductions and credits have been claimed, that your tax return is accurate, and that you are obtaining your max refund.

With our free double-check service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your tax affairs are in good hands and you are set to get your biggest refund. Don’t leave your hard-earned money on the table – let M&M Tax give your return a thorough review. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get a bigger refund.

What's The Process?

Bring Us Your Documents

In order to provide a thorough and accurate review of your tax return, M&M Tax will need certain documents and information. These include your federal return, state return, W-2 forms and other income statements, receipts and records of deductions and credits, and any other documents related to your tax affairs. Feel free to bring in a prior year tax return if you would like, our tax experts can review these for you as well. If you lost your prior year return or documents then you can use the IRS website to obtain a transcript for your federal taxes.

It is important to provide all relevant documentation to ensure that our team has a complete understanding of your financial situation. If you are missing any necessary documents or have simple questions about what to bring, our tax pros are happy to provide guidance and assistance.

Review in Our Tax Software

Once we have gathered all of the necessary tax records, our team of tax experts will review your tax return in our software to ensure that all available deductions and credits have been claimed and that your return is accurate and complete. Our software is updated with the latest tax laws and regulations, allowing us to provide a thorough and up-to-date review of your return. We will also compare your return to previous years’ returns to identify any potential errors or areas for improvement. By using our tax software and expertise, we can help you maximize your tax refund and ensure that your return is filed correctly.

Apply Extra Tax Deductions and Tax Credits

In order to obtain the maximum refund we will look into every credit or tax deduction we can legally and rightfully get our customers. For small business owners and the self employed it can be a major asset to go to a tax professional knowledgeable on the subject to guarantee your maximum refund. If you have yet to file a tax return and are just getting a 2nd opinion we offer free e-file with your federal return at no additional costs. If you end up filing for a refund we can also set this up to direct deposit into your bank account.

Need to Amend?

After we know the tax situations of a client we can then file an amended return (if necessary) to claim additional tax deductions or a credit you or your previous tax preparer may have been unaware of that you qualify for. You may need to answer simple questions to reduce tax debt or prove that you qualify for additional credit. Amendments can be filed electronically under most circumstances unless to originally e-filed tax return blocks us from e-filing your tax pro can explain these specific cases to you.

If you do need to amend then unfortunately we are unable to use bank products to have the fees removed and the federal government will only issue amendment refunds paid via paper check.

What If I Owe More?

Unfortunately sometimes taxpayers end up with less than their expected refund or in some cases owing because of mistakes on the other tax return. If a return was filed and initially accepted with errors then the IRS may withhold a tax refund or reach out about an adjustment via mail.

Any outstanding tax debt should be paid as soon as possible to avoid penalties and interest imposed by the IRS.

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