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GET YOUR TAX Advance With Pay Stub

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We offer an easy way to receive an advance of your tax refund with your last pay stub or W-2! Get an estimate of your return and if you qualify receive $50 cash. Our tax professionals will work with you through each step to help you.

Don’t wait – get your pay stub advance today with M&M Tax!


Here is how M & M Tax can get your tax money quickly

Step 1:
Receive $50 CASH for Tax Return Estimate using Pay stub or W-2

Bring your pay stub or W-2 when you receive it to any M & M Tax Service location. We will estimate your refund. If you qualify, you will receive $50 cash instantly!

In order to qualify our tax experts will use our tax software to get an estimate of your taxable income, then based on any tax credits, tax deductions, and withholdings we can estimate whether or not you should be receiving a refund.

Step 2:
Apply for a Easy Advance* of $500 - $6,000

Once you have all your W-2s and other tax stuff and you’re ready to file your tax return, you may apply and qualify for a Easy Advance* of $500 – $6,000 and receive in 24 hours or less, if approved! The amount you can be approved for is proportional to your maximum refund.

Step 3:
Receive the Remaining Balance of Your Tax Refund

Most refunds when e-filing come back in 7 to 10 days and could take as long as 21 days depending upon when the IRS actually release your refund. If file electronically you should expect the e-file process to go faster than a mail in return.

Step 4:
take it home

That’s right, take home $500 – $6,000 PLUS $50 in 24 hours, if approved, when you file your taxes at M&M Tax. Usually your federal income taxes will be used to cover the amount of the advance. For most people federal tax returns tend to give bigger refunds than state.


Answering Your Pay Stub Advance Questions

What Is A Pay Stub Advance?

A pay stub advance is a type of loan offered by M&M Tax and other tax preparation services, that allows you to borrow against your expected tax refund before it is issued by the government. These loans are also sometimes called “refund anticipation loans” or “refund anticipation checks.” At M&M we offer either the $50 pay stub advance or a $50 off coupon for your taxes so our pay stub advance is completely free.

How Do Pay Stub Advances Work?

At some tax offices, pay stub advances are designed to give you access to your refund money more quickly than waiting for the government to process and issue your refund. The loan is secured by your expected tax refund and is typically repaid when the refund is issued. At M&M we do ours as a promotional offering either $50 cash upfront to start or $50 off the cost of your return. We base this approval on the expected refund based on your tax situation (filing status, tax bracket, tax credits, taxable income, federal withholding, potential max refund, etc.).


How Do I Apply For A Pay Stub Advance From M&M Tax?

To apply for a pay stub advance from M&M Tax, you will need to visit one of our offices and complete an application for the loan. You will typically need to provide proof of your expected tax refund, such as a pay stub or W-2 form.

Are There Alternatives To Pay Stub Advances?

If you need access to funds before your tax refund is issued, there are other options to consider in addition to pay stub advances from M&M Tax. For example, you may be able to borrow money from the tax bank Republic Bank, through our Easy Advance program. Once you have all your information together we can apply through a tax bank for a short term loan that comes out of your refund once the IRS issues it. These advances range from $500-$6,000.

Are Pay Stub Advances Available For A Prior Year Return?

No, tax years prior to the current filing period are not eligible for the $50 cash advance with a pay stub. M&M Tax does still offer $50 off for a prior year but not a cash advance as those should be able to be completed.

If I Use Itemized Deductions Can I Still Qualify For The Advance?

Yes, if you intend to use itemized deductions instead of the standard deduction you can still qualify. If you claim itemize deductions your federal taxes should give you a larger federal return.

How Does The Easy Advance* Work?

The Easy Advance* is a type of bank agreement in which the taxpayer is given a short term loan These bank products are offered by tax banks and approval is at their discretion. They will base approval amounts on a variety of factors most notably adjusted gross income, filling status, tax withheld, tax liability, and the total amount of the maximum refund of the year’s tax return.
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¹ To be eligible for the $6,000 loan amount, your expected Federal refund less authorized fees must be at least $7,000. An Easy Advance (EA) is a loan secured by and paid back with your tax refund and is offered by Republic Bank & Trust Company, Member FDIC, to eligible taxpayers. Loan amount options are based on your expected Federal refund less authorized fees. If approved for an EA, a Finance Charge will apply. Loan is subject to underwriting and approval. EA proceeds are typically available within 24 hours of IRS acceptance of tax return or within 24 hours for those filing before the IRS start date; however, if direct deposit is selected, it may take additional time for your financial institution to post the funds to your account. Visit your tax preparer to learn about the cost and timing of all filing and product options. Available with preparation of 2022 federal tax return through Feb. 28, 2023.

² A Refund Transfer is a fee-based product offered by Republic Bank & Trust Company, Member FDIC. A Refund Transfer Fee and all other authorized amounts will be deducted from your tax refund. Visit your tax preparer to learn about all filing and product options, including obtaining your refund at no additional cost.

³ If a customer chooses direct deposit, it may take additional time for their financial institution to post the funds to their account.

⁴ The Netspend Visa Prepaid Card is issued by Republic Bank & Trust Company, Member FDIC pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Use of the Card Account is subject to activation, ID verification, and funds availability. A Monthly Fee, transaction fees, terms, and conditions apply to the use of reloading of the Card Account.

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